Administrator/CEO - Full Time


The Administrator/CEO is responsible for day to day operations of the facility and programs in all regards as well as planning and programs/product development.

• Ensures that program development occurs for the facility.

• Directly supervises department directors.

• Actively participates in marketing and public relations.

• Exhibits knowledge of licensing regulations as applicable to a specific department.

• Ensures that strategic planning occurs on an annual basis for the facility and includes the company’s positioning to

maintain and grow market share.

• Demonstrates ability to perform analysis of marketplace and evaluate business relationships and satisfaction of

referral sources.

• Exercises good judgment when addressing staff complaints and resolving staff issues.

• Develops annual budget.

• Identifies plans and initiates capital improvements and other expenditures of Nexus.

• Oversees Human Resources functions of the facility.

• Exhibits knowledge of and ensures the facility is compliant with NHS Compliance Program.

• Ensures the facility is compliant with regulatory agencies regarding licensing, certification and accreditation.

• Demonstrates proficiency in using basic information technology systems, i.e., word processing, emailing, etc.

• Develops and implements methods to enhance facility revenue.

• Develops new avenues for facility growth.

• Maintains mutually beneficial relations with physicians.

• Achieves monthly performance indicators.

• Leads all Nexus employees positively and professionally.

• Maintains employee confidentiality at all times.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Requirements


  • Minimum five years experience in healthcare administration.

Education Required

  • Masters Degree in Business and/or Health Care Administration or equivalent preferred.