Assistant Program Director - Full-time


The Assistant Program Director serves as the back-up for the Program Director. This position is responsible for assisting the Program Director in promoting the program’s goals and mission and ensuring compliance with all applicable licensing standards for the programs. This position is considered to be an essential staff member. An essential staff member is defined as a staff member who is required to be on duty to provide services to Nexus Neurorecovery Center during an emergency and/or disaster situation, as defined by the facility’s emergency and disaster response plan.

  • Provides assistance to Program Director in management for the residents’ daily schedules and programming.
  • Adequately addresses and/or resolves residents’ grievances.
  • Assists Program Director in providing direction to staff regarding management of program clients.
  • Complies with and ensures staff follows Special Supervision guidelines as per policy and procedures, including appropriate documentation.
  • Assists with management of program/department budget.
  • Assists with management of appropriate staffing standards as per census guidelines.
  • Assists with managing the staffing budget, i.e., payroll, overtime, etc.
  • Assists with management of departmental purchasing of supplies and equipment.
  • Assists with management in purchasing resident supplies.
  • Works with Program Director to develop department budget.
  • Assists Program Director to ensure the program remains compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of individual residents’ histories, current progress, and personal issues or difficulties and ensures staff is knowledgeable.
  • Demonstrates both problem solving and problem prevention skills.
  • Assists Program Director, when applicable, regarding case management for assigned residents.
  • Proves to be knowledgeable and ensures daily documentation of residents’ progress is completed according to TNC’s policies and procedures.
  • Attends treatment team meetings and provides verbal and written information regarding residents’ status to the treatment team as requested by the Program Director.
  • Reports all resident clinical and/or programmatic concerns to the Program Director.
  • Meets all deadlines to ensure compliance with administrative requests not addressed elsewhere.
  • Assists Program Director to ensure program evaluation data collection on time under administrative guidelines.
  • Assists Program Director to ensure the completion and follow-up of work orders as per company policy.
  • Assists with monitoring petty cash use and reconciliation.
  • Operates as “on-call” when away from the facility for staffing issues, call-offs, etc.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Minimum of one year experience in personal care home setting, preferably with head-injured patients.
  • Minimum one-year management and/or supervisory experience.

Education Required

  • College degree preferred.

Additional Information


  • Must be certified in AHA BLS and PMAB
  • Must always be knowledgeable of and practice Infection Control and Universal Precautions.
  • Must have a current tuberculosis test (within one year) and be tested annually after that.
  • Must pass a criminal background test on an annual basis.
  • Must maintain current certification licensure in good standing, if applicable, during employment with the facility