Central Supply Technician - Part Time


Under the Director of Materials Management’s supervision, the Central Supply Tech is responsible for maintaining a clean, organized Central Supply department and maintains appropriate supply PAR levels in designated areas throughout the hospital as established by the Director of Materials Management.

  • Performs daily inventory to replenish and maintain PAR level supplies in all designated floor stock locations.
  • Create supply and equipment utilization reports from PAR level, sign out sheets and logs and reports to the Director of Materials Management at month-end.
  • Order, process and maintain linen PAR level in the main linen room. The tech position is responsible for monitoring unusual linen utilization or usage.
  • Notifies Director of Materials Management of any unusual or high usage items.
  • Tech is responsible for receiving deliveries and ensures items received match delivered goods as stated on the packing list. Notifies ordering department or person, including the Director of Materials Management on any backorders or discrepancies.
  • Ensures all items delivered for Central Supply are labeled and stored in their proper location.
  • Ensures Central Supply is kept neat, orderly and hazard-free according to regulatory standards. Ensures all shipping boxes are properly stored and off the floor daily.
  • CS Tech is responsible for ensuring both the outside and inside of the back entrance area where supplies are received is free of clutter. Ensures empty boxes are folded and neatly stack for recycling pickups.
  • Delivers interdepartmental request for supplies or equipment, including department-specific items ordered through a purchase requisition. Must ensure items received from FedEx, UPS or other couriers that are addressed to specific person or other department is documented, delivered and signed for on the delivery log by recipient upon delivery in Central Supply within 24-hours of receipt unless stated as priority or rush which should then be delivered immediately.
  • Decontaminates medical equipment stored in Central Supply. Assumes responsibility for assuring that medical equipment are clean, properly stored and organized in the department.
  • Assist in maintaining medical equipment log to ensure all equipment issued from department is accounted for.
  • Ensures the appropriate departmental safety and infection control procedures are followed.
  • Must participate in quarterly physical inventory.
  • Represents the department to administration, other areas, outside entities and the public professionally.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Minimum one year in healthcare central supply setting.

Education Required

  • High school diploma or equivalent