Cognitive Rehabilitation Counselor - Full-Time


Provide neurocognitive therapy to residents with acquired brain injury. May provide education for individuals, families, or groups. Works within a multidisciplinary team to provide a comprehensive and quality rehabilitation service for the residents’ cognitive losses. There will be a need to plan, develop and evaluate the service in response to consumer and service needs.

  • Provide cognitive rehabilitation therapy to residents and patients, individually and in group sessions, to assist in overcoming deficits, adjusting to life, and making changes.
  • Complete and maintain accurate records and reports regarding the patients’ histories and progress, services provided, and other required information.
  • Develop resident treatment plans based on research, clinical experience, and resident histories.
  • Review and evaluate residents’ progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment and care plans.
  • Interview residents, review records, and confer with other professionals to evaluate individuals’ mental and physical condition and determine their suitability for participation.
  • Intervene as an advocate for residents to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.
  • Provide residents and family members with information about acquired brain injury and available resources, making appropriate referrals.
  • Modify treatment plans to comply with changes in resident status.
  • Coordinates with the multidisciplinary team and Program Director to develop a master treatment plan.
  • Attend training sessions to increase knowledge and skills.
  • Counsel family members to assist them in understanding, dealing with, and supporting residents in coping and adjusting to cognitive changes.
  • Participate in treatment planning and staff meetings.
  • Respond to requests for services in a timely manner
  • Provide supervision if appropriate.
  • Be responsible for providing the billing department with services rendered on a daily basis.
  • Must maintain appropriate licensure
  • Develop cognitive groups based on individual subspecialties and lead them.
  • Performs other duties as assigned
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Job Requirements


  • Experience in cognitive rehabilitation or educational background
  • Background in healthcare.
  • 3-5 years of direct patient care experience

Education Required

  • Master’s Degree in Psychology or Social Work required.

Additional Information


  • LCSW or LPA or LPC