Dietitian - Full-time


The Dietitian oversees patient diets in accordance with physician orders and ensures nutritional adequacy of patient menus. 

  • Conducts Nutritional assessments and monitoring per DNV guidelines.  
  • Conducts nutrition education and in-service education to meet the needs of patients and staff. 
  • Assesses patient’s nutritional status and establishes goals for each patient within 72 hours of admission. 
  • Provides appropriate educational in-service to dietary and nursing departments. 
  • Communicates with all appropriate disciplines information regarding patient care regularly.  
  • Participates in patient team conferences. 
  • Participates on appropriate committees as appointed. 
  • Evaluates and approve patient menus and approves modified diets. 
  • Instruct patients and their families on the nutritional needs at home and appropriate ways to achieve these as ordered by the physician. 
  • Educates patient/family on food/drug interactions and documents appropriate notation of such in the patient medical record. 
  • Documents all pertinent information regarding the patient’s nutritional care in the patient’s medical record in a timely and consistent manner. 
  • Assists in planning and conducting appropriate performance improvement. 
  • Develops and maintains department policies and procedures. 
  • Operates within set departmental budget and implements cost-saving procedures. 
  • Correlates dietary needs with laboratory findings consistently. 
  • Collaborates with physicians regarding nutritional needs and suggestions.  
  • Closely monitors patient weight to ensure goals of gain or loss are achieved.  
  • Recommends and/or assists with specific nutritional patient measurements to evaluate more specific goals, i.e., calorie counts, pre-albumin/albumin monitoring, etc. 
  • Allots extra time and problem-solving to children who fail to thrive, are picky eaters, have digestive problems, etc., to improve nutritional status. 
  • Ensures flexibility and creativity in methods developed to assist children in eating. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned
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Job Requirements


  • One (1) year of clinical experience, pediatrics preferred 

Education Required

  • Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics or related degree 
  • Masters degree preferred 

Additional Information


  • Licensed Dietitian in the state of Texas 
  • Registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration