Director of Nursing - Full Time


Under the direct supervision of the Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), the Director of Nursing assists in the oversight and coordination of the delivery of nursing services.

  • 1. Patient Care Services
                 o Collaborate with physicians, nurses, and allied health staff regarding                     clinical care delivery.
              o Follow up and address patient complaints in a timely manner.
                o Facilitate critical thinking at the bedside.
              o In collaboration with CCO, develop department-specific audits to                              address documentation and patient care issues.
               o Conducts walking rounds to assess the unit environment and staff                                   issues.
              o Collaborates with physicians to address any issues in a timely manner.
              o Ensure patient rooms are ready for each new patient admission.
    2. Staff Management and Development
             o Review resumes and sets up interviews with qualified candidates to                        assess candidate fit.
              o Collaborate with CCO to write and deliver annual staff evaluations.
              o Collaborate with the Director of Education to train and orient new hires.
              o Assesses skill levels of staff when planning and coordinating the                                   delivery of patient care. Coach staff as they deliver patient care.
              o Collaborate with CCO and Director of Human Resources to prepare and              deliver disciplinary actions.
             o Ensure all staff has up-to-date competencies, certification, and                                  registration.
            o Conduct monthly staff meetings with the nursing department.
            o Available on-call 24/7. Arrange for appropriate coverage when unable to               be on call.
           Ensures nursing documentation meets state, federal, and accrediting                           agency standards.
    3. Business and Financial Operations
           o Review and approve payroll data.
           o Review productivity data and discuss variances with CCO.
           o Collect data regarding unit financial performance against the allocated                  budget.
          o Provide input for the development of the nursing department budget.
          o Assist in developing and implementing strategies to ensure productivity              goals are met.
          o Assist in communicating department-based productivity plans to                              department personnel positively and negatively.
    4. Quality Improvement
        o Collect data on department performance indicators.
         o In collaboration with CCO, write action plans related to department quality         improvement projects.
         o Demonstrates knowledge of licensing standards and regulations as they               pertain to nursing.
           o Assist CCO in ensuring nursing department policies and procedures are            current and are reviewed on an annual basis.
    5. Daily Department Operations
            o Participate in hospital-wide committees or task forces.
            o Coordinate, prepare for and manage routine staff meetings.
            o Oversee general patient admissions, transfers, and discharge from the                 hospital.
            o Review schedule daily to assess census, call in extra staff, and deal with         staffing emergencies in collaboration with the Staffing Coordinator.
           o Ensure a safe work environment for staff.
           o Ensure appropriate equipment is available and functional on the unit.
    6. Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Minimum two (2) years of director-level nursing management experience required
  • Must have Acute care experience. 

Education Required

  • Must be a licensed Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.
  • Master’s degree required.

Additional Information


Must be certified in BLS /ACLS / PALS.
Must be licensed in the state of Texas.