Housekeeper - Full Time



The Housekeeper ensures that a clean and sanitary environment is maintained throughout the building.


 Ensures the cleaning and maintenance of a specific facility area as assigned by the Director of Plant Operations.

 Ensures learning the cleaning and maintenance of the other areas of the facility.

 Demonstrates knowledge of cleaning chemicals and the proper use of each chemical.

 Ensures that chemicals are properly labeled.

 Ensures that the cleaning cart is properly cleaned.

 Ensures that chemicals are properly locked up and secured.

 Demonstrates flexibility in scheduling to meet the staffing needs of the department.

 Responsible for disposal of trash, waste, and other disposable materials.

 Requires working in damp, dusty, and dirty areas. Must clean up human waste and other body fluids, as required.

 Empty trash containers daily.

 Wet mop floors in all residents’ rooms and bathrooms daily. Damp-mop all corridor floors, lobby, dining areas, and others daily.

 Ensures the proper use of all designated housekeeping equipment, i.e., vacuum cleaners, carpet machine.

 Cleans carpet or rug areas to include vacuuming, detailing edges, and shampooing.

 Change curtains and drapes as needed.

 Assist in moving furniture and equipment

 Cleans lights, vents, walls, and windows.

 Assists with general cleaning duties, which may include but are not limited to resident rooms, offices, public areas, waiting rooms, etc.

 Utilizes appropriate body mechanics in the moving and lifting of supplies and equipment.

 Utilizes appropriate precautions in using all chemicals to minimize the potential for exposure of self and the environment.

 Cleans and properly stores equipment and supplies at the end of the shift.

 Communicates effectively verbally and in writing to fulfill position and responsibilities.

 Performs other duties as assigned

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Job Requirements


  • At least one year of experience in housekeeping or laundry is preferred.

Education Required

  • High school diploma or GED preferred

Additional Information


 ABC 101, and annual mandatory meetings.

 Must obtain current tuberculosis test within the first fourteen (14) days of employment and annually after that.

 Maintain current certification in good standing during employment with this facility, or obtain within thirty (30) days of hire