Materials Management Coordinator - Full Time


The Materials Manager  is responsible for daily processing of supply and equipment request by preparing purchasing documents, maintaining receipts as well as maintaining appropriate safety stock for supplies, rental equipment consignments within the department.

  • Maintains appropriate PAR levels in the Central Supply and main linen room.
  • Ensures central supply is kept neat, orderly, and hazard-free according to regulatory standards.
  • Ensures that the back entrance area where supplies are received is free of clutter, without boxes on the floor.
  • Represents the department to Administration, other areas, outside entities, and the public professionally.
  • Ensures the appropriate departmental safety and infection control procedures are followed.
  • Performs daily inventory to replenish and maintain PAR level supplies in all nursing floor stock locations.
  • Collects and processes patient charge tickets and equipment charges for data processing.
  • Checks packing list for all deliveries received in central supply to ensure accuracy based on purchase order information and reports any discrepancy to the department head or ordering department. Assumes responsibility for matching packing list against a purchase order to ensure accuracy.
  • Distributes inter-departmental requisitioned supplies within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Ensures that all items delivered for Central Supply are labeled and stored in their appropriate location.
  • Ensures all shipping boxes are properly stored and off the floor daily.
  • Notifies department director of any unusual or high usual items.
  • Decontaminates and processes IV pumps and minor equipment identified by the department director for next patient use.
  • Maintains responsibility for assuring medical equipment stored in the department is stored properly and organized following infection control protocols.
  • Maintains a log of all patients’ rental equipment for equipment tracking and billing purposes.
  • Places routine orders with vendors as specified by the department director.
  • Maintains responsibility for logging and monitoring product expiration dates, including the timely removal of expired products in circulation.
  • Reports floor total stock usage every month end to department director using floor stock par level list.
  • Maintains responsibility for assuring floor stock items are neat and organized.
  • Maintain responsibility for replenishing medical, surgical, and respiratory supplies in crash cart except for RT-specific supplies and Pharmacy medications.
  • Ensures crash carts are complete within the acceptable timeframe to be placed in ready mode after use.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Minimum one year in healthcare central supply setting.

Education Required

  • High school diploma or equivalent