Research Associate - Full-Time


The Research Associate is an entry-mid-level clinical research position. The Research Associate will be responsible for conducting research projects on behalf of the health system that provides insights into the field of brain injury rehabilitation. The Research Associate position should be comfortable performing chart reviews and conducting interviews to compile data and summarizing results for publication and clinical protocols.


  •  Conduct literature reviews.
  •  Collect and analyze data.
  •  Prepare materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations.
  •  Summarize project results.
  •  Prepare progress reports.
  • Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations.
  •  Monitor the project budget.
  •  Travel to field sites to collect and record data and/or samples as appropriate to the study’s specific objectives.
  •  Identify and compile lists of potential research subjects in accordance with study objectives and parameters, as appropriate to the individual position.
  •  Prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management.
  •  Write and contribute to publications.
  •  Develop research protocols.
  •  Track progress over time.
  •  Assist with the preparation of all educational and training workshops and evaluation strategies.
  • Engage clinical and community partners in research.
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Job Requirements


  • 1-2 years of Clinical experience in related healthcare field required.

Education Required

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Additional Information


  • Maintain current certification in good standing during employment with this facility or obtain it within thirty (30) days of hire.