Coordinates treatment to provide comprehensive wound assessments and plan of care, including goals, implementation of treatment, evaluation, and outcomes for patients throughout the organization. Provides patient, family, and staff education regarding wound management, prevention of pressure ulcers, support surfaces, dressing selections, and other therapies. Is a resource person for physicians, wound team, and clinical staff.


  • Ensures that the scope of duties and services provided is consistent and within the state nursing practice guidelines.
  •  Demonstrates knowledge of individual patients’/residents’ histories, current progress, and treatment goals.
  •  Demonstrates ability to make appropriate nursing decisions when assessing patients/residents.
  •  Complies with established medication policies and procedures.
  •  Effectively operates and troubleshoots commonly utilized equipment.
  •  Completes all required documentation in a timely manner, including weekly summaries, care plans, fall risk assessments, skin risk assessments, and skin sheets.
  •  Receives telephone orders from Licensed Independent Practitioner and fulfills orders per established policies and procedures.
  •  Proficient in assuring prompt recognition of any untoward change in patient condition and facilitating appropriate nursing, medical or other intervention
  •  Effectively communicates with patients, families, physicians, and team members
  •  Serves as a professional role model to other staff.
  •  Serves as a resource to team members in regards to direct patient care needs
  •  Knowledgeable of infection control issues
  •  Manages time effectively and uses sound judgment to maintain optimal patient care
  •  Knowledgeable of patient status to plan and provide effectively
  •  Follows narcotic count guidelines as established by the facility
  •  Proactive in remaining current with skills and competencies required to serve the increasingly complex population that we serve
  •  Responsible for oral care of trach and ventilator-dependent patients
  •  Performs patient and family education starting at the admission of the patient and documents accordingly in the patient chart
  •  Answers alarms and call lights to ensure prompt intervention
  •  Actively works towards achieving goals set during the annual performance review and other periodic reviews.
  •  Attends and completes all Mandatory Education modules in a timely manner
  •  Performs bedside shift report to enhance patient communication and satisfaction.
  •  Reassess patients per established policies and procedures to identify progress and trends that require intervention or reporting to the Licensed Independent Practitioner.
  •  Demonstrates knowledge of and possess the ability to perform basic drug calculations
  •  Participates in walking rounds with physicians daily.
  •  Accepts patient assignments as directed by the Charge Nurse.
  •  Coordinates care with ancillary clinical departments to provide optimal patient care.
  •  Coordinates and oversees care delivered by Certified Nursing Assistants.
  •  Coordinates and oversees care delivered by Licensed Vocational Nurses.
  •  Coordinates staff breaks and meal breaks and ensures all staff has rest periods.
  •  Ensures all overtime is authorized.
  •  Serves as a resource for problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision making, and assisting in patient care issues
  •  Ensures patient weights are performed and documented for patients as ordered
  •  Enhances professional growth by attending seminars or further educational opportunities.
  •  Actively seeks out opportunities for professional advancement.
  •  Actively participates in the orientation of new employees.
  •  Possess the ability to recognize changes in patient status with the implementation of appropriate interventions.
  •  Ensures all patients who eat orally are up in a wheelchair and out of bed for all meals, including breakfast.
  •  Ensures all patients are ready for activities and accompany patients to activities to assist as needed.
  •  Verbalizes the Registered Nurse’s role in patient emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest.
  •  Assists Respiratory Staff in providing security intervention as needed
  •  Checks timesheet daily at the end of shift to ensure correcting timesheets on an ongoing basis and approve timecards at the end of the pay period.
  •  Accesses and checks webmail each shift when working to keep informed of current events.
  • Wound Care
  •  Assesses and reassesses patients per established policies and procedures to identify progress and trends that require intervention or reporting to the Licensed Independent Practitioner.
  •  Develops effective treatment plans based on existing, evidence-based protocols.
  •  Communicates with the Director of Wound Care, physicians, and other treatment team members regarding patient progress, problems, and plans.
  •  Assists Licensed Independent Practitioners during wound debridement and/or graft applications.
  •  Assists with sterilization of surgical instruments via autoclave.
  •  Performs wound debridement within both skill level and scope of practice.
  •  Initiates measures to prevent and treat patient’s wound/skin issues (e.g., Specialty mattress, positioning/turning schedule, recommendations for referrals, etc.).
  •  Assists with staff education concerning skin integrity and/or wound management: Prevention, assessment, and treatment.
  •  Serves as a resource for hospital staff specific to managing patients’ skin/wound issues.
  • Performs patient/caregiver education and documents accordingly.
  •  Participates in necessary meetings, conferences, etc.
  •  Records clinical documentation according to accepted regulatory, corporate, and professional guidelines by the end of the shift.
  •  Participates in discharge planning.
  •  Enhances professional growth by attending seminars or further educational opportunities.
  •  Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Requirements


  • Preferred minimum of at least one (1) year of experience in the acute/post-acute and/or pediatric setting.

Education Required

Licensed Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

Additional Information


  • Maintain current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State performing duties.
  •  Certified in AHA BLS and ACLS; PALS optional
  •  Maintains certifications and licenses as current to avoid voluntary resignation.