Megan Motis Advocates for Patients at Comic-Con 2018

Representing HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange, Activities Lead Megan Motis was a panelist for the “Cause Play: A Hobby in Service to Others” discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego. Last year, the Avenger Initiative – a nonprofit for individuals who enjoy costuming and putting their creativity towards volunteering – visited patients at HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange. Their goal is to spread happiness and encourage patients going through a tough time.

As a panelist, Megan explained the multitude of benefits this activity brings. She explained, “Visiting with the superheroes keeps sick patients distracted during treatment and encourages patients to work hard towards going home. It also reinforces the idea that all of our patients are the true superheroes.”

Along with the other panelists, Megan also explained the process of starting a program at other children’s hospitals and how important it was to communicate with the Activities Department and take proper steps to visit patients.

While cosplay is a fun hobby, it is also very rewarding to all involved: The Marvel Comic fans and patients.