Nexus Health Systems’ Pediatric Facility Announces Acute Bed Expansion

HealthBridge nearly doubles the number of acute patients they can admit.

Nexus Health Systems’ pediatric facility in California, HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange, recently expanded their acute program to take nearly double the number of patients. Working closely with area hospitals who offer pediatric care, HealthBridge provides continuity of care and is widely viewed as a bridge between hospital and home.

The acute bed expansion enables HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange to admit more patients with diagnoses ranging from brain injury to heart failure, as well as those who need long-term antibiotics or acute rehabilitation. This program also typically admits patients who need to be weaned off the ventilator or who need palliative care.

“We’re able to meet the acuity of patients who are still medically complex, but do not need to be in an intense hospital setting anymore,” explained Chief Executive Officer Roberta Consolver. “HealthBridge is really more like a home away from home for a child who still needs medical care.”

Unlike the sterile hospital environment, HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange is a family-focused, warm environment with colorful murals, home-like furniture and private rooms. A 3-4:1 patient-medical staff ratio creates a personalized experience for patients and families. All treatment and therapies are tailored to individual needs. The acute medical team concentrates on the whole body, managing medical, emotional and behavioral needs, while integrating physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology.

Affiliated with area hospitals, HealthBridge grants local physicians and specialists privileges at their facility to continue treating patients after they’re transferred. With telemedicine “robot” technology, physicians have access to patients 24 hours a day. Although they round daily, physicians can complete patient examinations remotely should a situation call for it.

“Our acute program at HealthBridge takes the burden off of tertiary hospitals,” said Director of Quality Services Kelli Jo Paul. “We fill the void for children who still rely on medical support, but no longer need to be in a traditional hospital environment.”

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