Residential Program Feature: Cornerstone & Community-Based Living

For some residents at Nexus Neurorecovery Center, our Cornerstone homes and community-based living apartments is the last phase of their rehabilitation journey. Offering a higher level of independence, Cornerstone is home to six residents at a time while our apartment setting is home to nine residents.

Placed in one of these programs after our medical and therapy team have decided enough progress has been made in all therapies, residents make this transition where new challenges are set. With an inherent lower level of monitoring, residents will gain independence in completing activities of daily living (ADLs). Simple things like showing, making beds, doing laundry, or preparing meals are completed with little to no cues or assistance.

There are also more activities within the community for socialization and to prepare residents for life at home. These outings may include trips to the grocery store where individuals are challenged to find the items on their list or a trip to the bank to take out money. Other experiences include making appointments for regular haircuts or manicures and going out to eat and following the process to select, order, eat, and pay for a meal.

With higher independence also comes full access to cell phones and laptops. At this stage, residents begin learning appropriate interactions with these devices and with people they could connect with.

As this transition helps individuals prepare for community reintegration and return to home — as well as work for some residents — discharge planning is continuously reviewed and family involvement continues. Connecting with family and friends and having experiences in the community help our residents’ treatment team identify any barriers that could stand in the way of a successful reentry. If any challenges are identified, our team addresses them with the resident individually through therapeutic activities so they can lead a productive and meaningful life after discharge.

While not every resident goes through our Cornerstone and Community-Based Living residential programs, every individual receives a tailored schedule and treatment plan to ensure they progress and meet their goals. Nexus Neurorecovery Center prides ourselves on our continuum of care that enables residents live in a least restrictive environment. Our Cornerstone and our apartment programs are just two ways we achieve that goal.