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Neurobehavioral Services at Leading Houston Children’s Hospital

Nexus Children’s Hospital, a specialty pediatric hospital in Houston, Texas, manages complex patients that have behavioral issues making them a challenge to be treated in the acute care setting, but also have medical issues that are preventing admission to a behavioral health facility. Working with patients who may have been unsuccessful in traditional rehabilitation environments, Nexus’ patients benefit from our individualized treatment plans and home-like environment.

Providing treatment to a traditionally underserved population, Nexus Children’s Hospital neurorehabilitation services focus on minimizing handicapping conditions that stem from a whole host of injuries including falls, asphyxiation, shaken baby syndrome, near drowning, and motor vehicle accidents. Depending on the severity of the trauma, our patients have a range of physical, emotional, and mental issues from concussions to severe brain injury.

Our interdisciplinary team, consisting of psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists, care for our young patients on-site at our family-centric hospitals, eliminating the need to fractionalize care. Working together, our team prescribes behavioral interventions, rehabilitation, and pharmacological therapy in the form of individualized care plans.

Because this patient population has experienced an injury to their vital frontal lobe when it was still developing, executive functions have been disrupted. Since brain cells were damaged before our patients had learned valuable skills that help them control emotions and behavior, our team delivers habilitation strategies so the brain can begin to mimic developmentally appropriate actions. Through these tactics, our patients begin learning skills they would have developed naturally during maturation. Helping our patients develop these skills leads them towards a more productive and meaningful life is the main goal of our program.

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