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Legal Assessment Services for Individuals with a Brain Disorder

Brain disorders, including acquired and traumatic brain injury or stroke, can affect a person’s capacity to make important medical decisions. Legal competency is also detrimental impacted which makes various abilities – including entering into a contract, executing a will, and taking part in other legal agreements – difficult, if not impossible.

Nexus’ team of neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and neurologists complete formal assessments to determine how a patient’s deficits affect their ability to make sound judgment calls or decisions. Our team also provide attorneys with guidance on life care planning, future treatment costs, and accurate assessment of the degree of impairment for litigation.

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2020 Nexus Neurorecovery Center Report

2019 Nexus Neurorecovery Center Report

View our annual quality report detailing our facility’s patient satisfaction, infection control, pulmonary, rehabilitation, and brain injury data.

Nexus Neurorecovery Center Report

Journey Toward Independence

Nexus' NeuroContinuum sequence provides a range of care for those recovering from acquired or traumatic brain injuries and other complicated illnesses or diseases.
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