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Outpatient Neuropsychological Testing for Workers’ Compensation Cases & Insurance-Based Referrals

The Nexus Neurorecovery Center cognitive team evaluates individuals who have suffered a brain injury.  We frequently work with those who have experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI), ranging from closed head injuries (concussion and/or brain bleeds) to penetrating brain injuries, resulting from motor vehicle crashes and sports- or work-related accidents. The cognitive team also works with brain-injured individuals who incurred neurological and psychological problems from stroke, sleep-related disorders, chemoradiation, and/or autoimmune conditions.

After gaining an understanding of a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses ­— as well as any underly psychological issues — we collaborate with physicians and case management to establish treatment objectives and plans. Because individuals do not have to be a Nexus Neurorecovery Center resident to participate in neuropsychological testing at our campus, our team will also coordinate with stakeholders and medical teams from other facilities and agencies.

Read more information below to see how our neuropsychological testing service supports our mission of mending minds and returning patients to lives of productivity and meaning.

Who Benefits from Neuropsychological Testing?

  • Individuals whose recovery has been slow to progress
  • Individuals who have suffered a concussion that is not resolving within the typical five- to six-week period
  • Individuals who have depression or anxiety that was identified prior to injury
  • Individuals more vulnerable to injury symptoms (age or dual diagnosis)
  • Individuals experiencing challenges adjusting to an injury (cognitive or social)
  • Individuals injured on job who need determination of return to work status

Have a Workers’ Compensation Case?

Our team conducts assessments to determine if a person injured on the job is fit to return to work. Through testing, we also determine potential treatment options and resources in coordination with your medical team.

Staff Competencies

  • Extensive experience in rehabilitation setting
  • Thorough involvement with TBI cases in which recovery has been atypical
  • Background in government work ensures successful navigation of government agencies
  • Interdisciplinary cognitive team


  • Provided as an outpatient service
  • Testing can be done in one or two days (dependent on individual’s ability to participate)
  • Coordination with acute care facilities, physicians, and case management
  • Extensive experience managing logistics for injured workers out of state and outlying areas
  • Customized treatment recommendations or a complete plan are developed
  • Identification of available resources in the community and at Nexus Neurorecovery Center
  • Spanish evaluation available using a translator
  • No waiting list

Schedule Neuropsychological Testing

Nexus Health Systems’ scheduling team works closely with referring facilities, case managers, and family members to ensure the neuropsychological evaluation process is efficient. To schedule an outpatient evaluation at Nexus Neurorecovery Center, please call the scheduling team or contact Nexus Health Systems’ Director of Complex Care, Ann De la Rosa, directly at 281.543.8695.

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