Nexus Neurorecovery Center

Respite Services

Offering respite in a therapeutic environment, Nexus Neurorecovery Center provides a variety of services to those 16 years and older. Not your traditional facility for respite, our 26-acre, wooded campus is tranquil and spacious, and features a brand new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym and programming center. Individuals seeking respite with Nexus have a variety of daily activities to participate in with other residents and respite program members.

Depending on the length of stay, individuals will see physicians and/or mid-level physicians. They will also receive an update home exercise program to complete while on-campus and to take advantage of when they’re back at home.

Respite is not only satisfying to those receiving care, but fulfilling for caregivers. Whether going on vacation or simply need a break to renew energy, respite provides caregivers and families with immense benefits from maintaining health, affording time to refocus, and offering a break from the care routine. Respite also delivers perspective, allowing caregivers to think more clearly to provide their loved one the best care possible.

Both in-patient/overnight respite care and day respite programs are available at Nexus Neurorecovery Center. An admissions coordinator can help you determine what option best fits your and your loved one’s needs.

Core Services

  • Room and board/meals (private and semi-private rooms; placement depends on availability)
  • Physician/Mid-level physician and case manager assigned to individual (if needed)
  • On-site nurse
  • Therapy screening (physical, occupational, and speech therapy and therapeutic recreation)
  • Home exercise program development
  • Participation in Quality of Life Group (daily scheduled activities)
  • Welcome bag and t-shirt

Additional Services

  • Skilled therapy (physical, occupational, and speech therapy and therapeutic recreation)
  • Community outings (including shopping, dining, entertainment)
  • 1:1 support
  • Psychology services
  • Vocational services
  • Transportation

Medical history and medication must be provided by family prior to admission. Call admissions to begin the process.

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