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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services for Continuity of Care.

Individuals preparing for the next stage of rehabilitation or to return home successfully will benefit from the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) at Nexus Specialty Hospital. Designed to help patients reach their recovery goals and gain more independence, the IRU offers a therapeutic environment that can also meet ongoing medical needs.

Meeting the Needs of Patients as they Make Progress.

Our 16-bed unit is fully equipped to care for higher acuity, neuro-specialty patients with complex diagnoses ranging from traumatic brain injury to major strokes. Our patients are typically slower to recover and benefit from daily rehabilitation, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Onsite medical specialists and higher levels of care within the same hospital are available to manage any continuing medical complications.

Admission to the Unit

97% Nexus Specialty Hospital - 3% Acute Care Hospital

Individuals can admit to the IRU two ways:
1) As an inpatient at Nexus Specialty Hospital, once medically stabilized and ready for rehabilitation.
2) From another facility.

Most patients follow the Nexus Neurocontinuum and admit to the IRU from other units at Nexus Specialty Hospital.

Newest Phase of the Nexus Neurocontinuum.

Serious injuries and illnesses often result in complicated, lifelong journeys, and receiving care can be confusing for the individual and his or her family. That’s why we created the Nexus Neurocontinuum.

Meeting the unique needs of each individual as they evolve and progress is the primary goal of our continuum of care. From a neurologic ICU environment to community-based rehabilitation, Nexus Health Systems’ patient-focused, tiered approach offers a variety of services and care settings to help individuals function at the highest possible level and lead productive and meaningful lives.

Nexus Neurocontinuum Map
Nexus Specialty Hospital - Nexus Neurocontinuum Map

A Therapy Team that Makes a Difference.

Our therapists are neurorehabilitation trained to work with individuals who have experienced a range of complex injuries and illnesses. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, our therapy team, together with our clinical staff and physicians, develop tailored master treatment plans to challenge and engage patients and help them reach goals.

Meet Zoraya Parrilla, MD

Rehabilitation Medicine
Medical Director, Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Dr. Parrilla is Board-Certified in Brain Injury Rehabilitation, in addition to having a sub-specialty in brain injury rehabilitation and a sub-specialty in spasticity management. Throughout her 25 years of practice, Dr. Parrilla has gained a breadth of experience in the neurorehabilitation field as well as in administrative leadership roles. Dr. Parrilla oversees medical care and serves as the medical director for Nexus Specialty Hospital’s IRU. She also provides consultations to patients and residents as the attending PM&R physician at both Nexus Specialty Hospital and Nexus Neurorecovery Center.

Journey Toward Independence

Nexus' NeuroContinuum sequence provides a range of care for those recovering from acquired or traumatic brain injuries and other complicated illnesses or diseases.
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Reap the Benefits of Comprehensive Care

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