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Life Care Services

There are times after a neurological impairment that despite improvement, the individual continues to require 24-hour care and supervision for safety or other concerns. Nexus Health Systems views life care as part of our continuum of services. As patients age, there are more medical issues that are sometimes compounded by their acquired or traumatic brain injury or persisting illness or disease. As our patients get older, our Specialty Hospital campus in The Woodlands are experts at handling these complexities.

Our Program Promotes

  • Quality of life issues by including interventions designed to:
    • Minimize risk and prevent medical complications and secondary disability
    • Maximize potentials for independence, productivity, self-actualization and self-advocacy
    • Daily life within the least restrictive environment while protecting the rights of the individual and his/her family

Life Care Services

  • Physical/Functional Status: Care is taken to address the physical/cognitive, social/emotional, environmental, and pain limitations.
  • Advocacy: Frequent communication is maintained between family members, guardians, trustees, advocates, hospital disciplines, and case managers.
  • Education Programs: Developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, disability awareness, life care planning goals, rehab issues, case management, interdisciplinary team process, family/professional relationships, patient/family teaching, personal safety, and the use of restraints may all be included in the education process.

Life Care at Nexus Specialty Hospital

Typically, patients at either Specialty Hospital location are in need of chronic health care after a catastrophic injury. Our program addresses the medical, rehabilitation, and habilitation needs of the individual over his or her life-span.

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