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Nexus Specialty Hospital radiology and special procedures are state-of-the-art and progressive. Very few institutions like Nexus have the quality of equipment and personnel to provide the services we offer patients.

The installation of our advanced 64 slice GE Revolution CT Scanner allows Nexus Specialty Hospital to perform all CT scans in-house for patients requiring these studies. We can also complete biopsies, abscess drainage, CTA (CT Angiography), and 3D imaging. When requested, we also perform scanning used for 3D printing used to construct new bone flap replacements for our traumatic brain injury patients. The high-speed operation and advanced processing allows for decreased scan time and greatly reduced radiation dose to the patient on almost every exam.

Nexus Specialty Hospital also has a Direct Digital X-Ray System which enables instant viewing at bedside of examinations performed. Our PACS storage makes it possible for reproduction of exams on CD/DVD should the patient need to see a physician outside of Nexus or transfer to a higher level of care.

In addition, our Special Procedures Department can place peg tubes, abscess drains, IVC filters, PICC lines, mid-lines, and central venous catheters for IV or dialysis use. On-site endoscopy and fluoroscopy equipment permits expert placement of these devices at our facility instead of requiring a transfer to another hospital, lessening risk for our patients. The progressive Speech Therapy services at Nexus Specialty Hospital also use fluoroscopy to evaluate chewing and swallowing mechanisms in our traumatic brain injury and stroke patients to assist with their return to regular diet and speech.

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