Speaking Up for Patient Safety.

Feeling safe is an important foundation for everyone in a new environment, especially patients and residents recovering from a life-changing injury or illness. To feel their best and do their best, these individuals must feel secure — and we take their trust in us very seriously.

This National Patient Safety Awareness Week, we’re recommitting to patient safety and want to highlight a variety of initiatives that support a safety-focused workforce and patient, resident, and family engagement.

Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team
Our approach prevents delays in care and improves outcomes. This type of effective communication also reduces waste, duplication of services, and safety risks.

Special Committees
We have numerous groups of staff from different backgrounds focused on patient safety in key care areas, including Critical Care and Behavioral/Physical Aggression Management.

Workforce Safety Training
Our staff regularly completes a variety of training courses to increase safety awareness. Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA) and other behavioral health management training take place to help staff manage physical aggression and reduce risks.

Incident Reporting System
If an incident does happen, Nexus has an upgraded software system to report and track the issue. The system also enables us to review what happened to mitigate future similar incidents.