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Medically complex care: an integrated approach to medical, behavioral, and mental health needs

Complex conditions and injuries are often life-changing — for individuals and their families

Have you been turned away from mental health facilities because you also have medical needs? Perhaps you’ve struggled to find medical care for your child due to a coexisting behavioral condition.

We understand how devastating it can be to hear, “We can’t help you.” That’s why we’re different.

Through the Nexus network of care, our patients benefit from a combination of medical care, rehabilitation, and behavioral and mental health treatment. Simply put: we treat all of you through a comprehensive blend of programs and services. Ask Nexus how our integrated care approach can help you face all the healthcare challenges ahead — so you can return to a life of productivity and meaning.

If you have a challenging diagnosis or co-occurring needs, consider Nexus. we offer:

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Nationally recognized programs that challenge and motivate you to become stronger and healthier.

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A network of care environments — from transitional care to residential settings — accessible as progress is made and your needs change.

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A welcoming and confidence-building atmosphere to navigate and overcome struggles and build skills.

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Medical, rehabilitative, and mental and behavioral health services in one place — so you can receive truly comprehensive care.

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Serving individuals who need specialized medical care, rehabilitation, and mental health services

For many, the right next step is Nexus Health Systems. Our facilities, programs, and services have all been designed to support mending minds.

We have many services and programs. Let's find the one that will help the most.

“I love watching my patients reach milestones during their stay. Some admit in a coma and discharge walking out of the facility. It’s so special to be part of Average Length of Stay (days) their journey.”

“They took very good care of her and kept her safe — which is exactly what she needed when she was there. They pulled her out of a very dark place.”
— Former patient’s mother

“I really felt the energy they put into helping me. Nexus changed my life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I couldn’t walk 10 steps, now I’m standing and walking, and I now have so many more ways to handle my mental health.”
— Former patient

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