Welcome to a healthcare workplace that is all about working hard — and having fun while doing it

A company culture that is focused on keeping our people happy

Nexus is not your typical health system — and that’s the way we like it! We’re family-owned and value that atmosphere which keeps us well-connected to each other and the people we serve.

Our heart is truly seen throughout our actions: both for the betterment of patients and for our staff. So much of what we do day in and day out is essential to helping along the journey and restoring lives, which means it’s imperative we stay true to our values and mission and show our staff how much we care. From theme parties and giveaways to monthly town hall meetings and the virtual suggestion box, Nexus has and exciting culture that you could be a part of one day. Check out all we do while our amazing team is mending minds.

Being the best Nexans we can

You’ll see these six GOPTIC principles in all we do as one company, guiding us to do what is best for our clients and our team. Nexus employees are GOPTIC: Genuine, Ownership, Positivity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Compassion.

The Nexus GOPTIC Core Values

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We operate with integrity and build trust amongst our team, patients, families, and other healthcare professionals because we say what we mean and we do what we say.

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Each member of the Nexus family takes personal responsibility for his or her actions and the company’s resources. Together, we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.

Icon of arrow in bullseye to symbolize positivity


To create better outcomes for our patients and their families, our team strives to see the good and approach all situations with a positive attitude.

Icon of connected gears to symbolize teamwork


Nexus is one team. We work together to complete our mission, and we encourage everyone to seek assistance and freely help each other.

Icon of ligh bulb to symbolize innovation


We are constantly thinking about how we can do our work better than the day before. In our environment, it’s crucial to find new, innovative ways to help our patients and families.

Icon of heart in palm of hand to symbolize compassion


Our patients always come first. We know our mission begins and ends with our patient and this guides our decisions as a health system.

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Proud to be a Nexan — every day of the year­

Hear what our employees have to say about everything from our health system mission to what the future holds for Nexus.

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“To be a Nexan means to be a team player. And our team’s focus is patient-centered care. So, our main focus is the patient and their family and their destination when they leave here. And we have a big team here that all works together.”

—Nexus employee

“I see Nexus thriving in the next 30 years. Thriving. I see us thriving based on Dr. Cassidy and Erin Cassidy’s hard work and their legacies. Thriving. We’re gonna thrive.”

—Nexus employee

“Us at Nexus are putting back together pieces of a person that has been either broken, injured or catastrophically diagnosed to build them back better than they were before.”

— Nexus employee

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