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Committed to basic and clinical research and studies that highlight best practices in patient care

Committed to discovering new developments in the treatment of patients with physical, behavioral, and mental health needs

Health Systems is dedicated to improving the health of the individuals we serve — and others in the community and across the country. Providing the best care and offering robust, unique programs is one important part of that goal. But as healthcare continues to change, clinical research and healthcare studies will be equally important as it helps inform decisions regarding best practices, treatment, and programming. The future of medicine is very promising, and Nexus is committed to being a leader of physical, behavioral, and mental health — because we’re mending minds.

Third party study validates Nexus’ unique health system model

A recent Quantily study demonstrated how Nexus’ model addresses systemic healthcare gaps with an integrated approach. Caring for the whole person, the model effectively provides care through multidisciplinary collaboration and a comprehensive approach developed specifically to address physical, behavioral, and mental health needs.

The study also highlighted the complex patient population Nexus serves. Typically those with multiple comorbidities and longer lengths of stay find success with Nexus, further highlighting the effectiveness of the unique model. The study also showed how Nexus attracts patients from all over the country, emphasizing a national shortage of facilities equipped to handle complex patient cases.


High Demand: Families struggled to find comprehensive care before discovering Nexus.

Wide Reach: Families travel from different states for Nexus’s care, indicating a lack of local resources

Positive Outcomes: Nexus’s method significantly improves patient outcomes, reducing repeat stays.

Parental Engagement: Engaged parents contribute to better treatment outcomes.

Insurance Hurdles: Families commonly face insurance challenges, highlighting the need for policy advocacy.

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Research, studies, and clinical trials

Nexus research studies span across our program and service lines. The purpose is to publish data and insights that help our patients, as well as those seeking treatment at other facilities, so that all individuals can receive the most effective physical, behavioral, and mental healthcare available. Both retrospective and prospective trials evaluate treatments and best practices. Studies and trials are always ongoing, and as findings are published, details will be shared. Check back often to read about the groundbreaking research taking place.

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