All the Pieces to Soar
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Medical services, rehabilitation therapies, mental health, and behavioral health all in one place

Nexus programs and services have been developed to treat the whole person

Complex injuries and illnesses, behavioral challenges, and mental health conditions often require multiple disciplines working together to heal a person. Nexus treats physical injuries with medical care and rehabilitation, addresses cognitive deficits through therapy, and works through challenging behaviors and other mental health concerns through counseling and other interventions — and when
individuals have co-occurring challenges, we help them navigate it all, so that they can feel better.

This type of comprehensive care is crucial for in-the-moment progress and long-term recovery — but not all health systems or hospitals offer care like this. We believe individuals deserve complete care. When we take care of all areas of concern, the patients and residents we serve are set up for success when they return home and to the community. Learn more about the programs and services we offer as we’re mending minds.

Specialized medical services, rehabilitation, and behavioral health support for children, adolescents, and adults

Life Care Program Logo

Life Care Program
Ongoing, lifelong medical care after catastrophic injury

Rise Program Logo

Rise Program
Rehabilitation and ongoing medical care after neurological injury, illness, or disorder

Jump Start Program Logo

Jump Start Program
Structured environment to reach weight loss and behavior management related to Prader-Willi Syndrome or other weight-related disorders

New Directions Program Logo

New Directions Program
Treatment for autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders

True North Program Logo

True North Program
Residential treatment for behavioral challenges and co-occurring medical needs

Harbor Program Logo

Harbor Program
Rehabilitative and ongoing medical care after complex injuries or illnesses

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