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Enriching patient lives with recreational therapy and activity-based interventions

Improving behavioral, mental, and physical health through therapeutic activities

Recreational therapy provides additional therapeutic activities that support psychological and physical health and provide overall wellbeing. Regardless of diagnosis or rehabilitation journey, music and pet therapies as well as other social activities are equally as beneficial as physical and occupational therapies.

Nexus recreational therapists form part of a multidisciplinary team that develops personalized treatment plans for each patient. Depending on his or her unique needs, goals, and interests, therapists may incorporate music, arts and crafts, creative writing, gardening, dance, or sports into a program of care that supports better psychological, behavioral, and medical outcomes. At Nexus, we care for the whole person by healing bodies and mending minds.

What is recreational therapy?

Recreational therapy is a treatment that leverages the power of play and leisure activities to improve mood, strengthen social bonds, and enhance other forms of therapy. Recreational therapists select from a range of activities designed to relax the mind and encourage creativity, including music, arts and crafts, dance, board games, and social events. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to recreational therapy. The precise set of activities in which you or your loved one will engage in depends on their unique needs, goals, abilities, and interests.

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