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Healthcare resources to help individuals and caregivers navigate physical and psychiatric care

Nexus is here to help make a smooth transition to our facilities

To help you or your loved one through this moment, Nexus Health Systems has compiled the following information and healthcare resources. Please contact us regarding any specific questions about our facilities, programs, and services. Remember, Nexus is here to support you and your loved one as we’re mending minds.

Read the latest updates, information, and healthcare resources from our team

Check out what our complex care team of experts has to say about various topics from brain injury rehabilitation to managing challenging behaviors post-injury to tips on talking about co-occurring diagnoses with your provider.

Residential treatment for at-risk youth

How to talk to your at-risk youth about residential treatment »

For more than a decade, mental, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders have been on the rise among young people. The COVID-19 pandemic only added to increasing instances of persistent sadness and hopelessness, as well as…

The physical and mental healthcare divide in the U.S.

Bridging the mental and physical healthcare divide in the U.S. »

Clinical psychologist Kristin Canavera, PhD, MBE, explained at the inaugural Nexus Changing Care Together Summit, “We’re finally at a point in history where we’re recognizing that mental health is health.” This transformation is long overdue.…

How cognitive therapy supports brain injury rehabilitation

How Cognitive Therapy Supports Brain Injury Rehabilitation »

Catastrophic neurological injuries leave a lasting impact on the body and mind. After sustaining a brain or spinal cord injury, some patients have trouble balancing, moving their limbs, speaking, seeing, and hearing. In addition to…

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The front entrance of Nexus Children's Hospital - The Woodlands

Nexus Children’s Hospital – The Woodlands Campus

The front entrance of Nexus Children's Hospital - Houston

Nexus Children’s Hospital – Houston Campus

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