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Reaching goals through specialized care

Cognitive therapy to connect the mind and body to improve outcomes

After an illness or injury, an individual can experience a variety of difficulties from moving their limbs to speaking. And while families are typically more familiar with these types of issues, cognitive deficits are equally challenging and important to address.

Attention, memory, problem solving, reasoning, planning, and social interaction are all critical for an individual to lead a productive and meaningful life. Nexus places an emphasis on cognitive function — because we’re mending minds.

What is cognitive therapy?

Cognitive therapy is a broad term describing treatments and activities that address cognitive impairments. Like many therapies, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our team tailors therapy sessions to individual’s needs. We use evidence-based, goal-driven treatments to optimize outcomes, maximize independence, promote safety, and enhance quality of life.

We focus on five key domains of cognitive function, including Attention and Concentration, Memory, Problem Solving and Reasoning, Executive Functioning, and Social Communication and Cognition. We assess each resident to understand their skill level to create individualized therapy and activities that help strengthen each domain.

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