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Managing and restoring pulmonary function through individualized respiratory therapy

Offering pulmonary services from rehabilitation to ventilator management and ventilator weaning

Many serious injuries or illnesses often compromise an individual’s ability to breathe ­— either temporarily or causing ongoing respiratory complications or needs. From management of chronic lung issues to treatment of acute respiratory disorders to ventilator weaning, Nexus helps patients with a variety of pulmonary services.

State-of-the-art technologies and evidence-based treatment strategies allows our respiratory team to customize each patient’s experience with the common goal of maximizing potential for positive outcomes. Working with all types of patients from ventilator-dependent to those with ventilator weaning orders, Nexus’ team of respiratory therapists develop individualized treatment plans. In collaboration with other clinicians and therapists, the respiratory team contributes to outcomes that help patients live productive and meaningful lives — because we’re healing bodies and mending minds.

What is respiratory therapy?

We help patients recover from all kinds of traumatic injuries and serious illnesses. In the early stages — also known as acute or intensive care — intubation and assisted breathing are often necessary. Respiratory therapists monitor you or your loved one’s pulmonary health, conducting breathing trials to determine when the lungs are strong enough to function on their own, tracking vital signs and oxygen levels, and teaching the patient to manage any lingering symptoms post-ventilator. For those who are ventilator-dependent and those with recurring pulmonary needs, our team provides ventilator ambulation to increase quality of life.

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