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Nexus healthcare programs reach 30-year milestone

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is just being a part of the rehab team that works so hard to see our patients progress.

The fact that I can be a corporate presence at all the hospitals, and I get to see all the medical staff and even at one of the children’s hospitals in Six Pines, the kids have given me a nickname, pineapple Paul.

Celebrating milestones with our patients and, and I can create a milestone for every day, something to celebrate every day.

How do you feel to be part of the patient or resident journey?

Actually grateful. And the reason why I feel like that, because, I mean it feels so wonderful when they thank you over and over. And you know, you didn’t feel like you did anything. You know, you didn’t do much because it was the patient doing all the work.

It’s overwhelming, to be honest with you. It’s really overwhelming when you get to see how they come in. When we have patients that come in that can’t talk, can’t walk, and then when you see them leave, I get goosebumps.

It’s been my entire life, as many people have heard, perhaps too many times, that my main guiding force has been the patients always. And I mean, always come first.

What does it mean to be GOPTIC?

GOPTIC to me means all those things that GOPTIC represents. But it’s also, I would also add, action, taking action.

That you are in the medical field. You have chosen to take that journey to help people. And the GOPTIC values are, are ingrained in, in wanting to do that.

GOPTIC to me means being a team player.

To be a team player. And our, our team’s focus is patient-centered care. So our main focus is the patient and their family and their destination when they leave here. And we have a big team here that all works together.

What is one word you can use to describe Nexus?

I would describe Nexus as compassion.


Dedicated, unique.





What is one word you can use to describe Nexus?

So Mending minds means to me, helping the patients, bringing them from one, bringing them from their struggle and kind of helping them out of it and seeing them grow. So you kind of get to see in real time their minds mending.

It means that that’s all we do. And you can look at it as a TBI patient or a kid with bipolar schizophrenia. That’s, we mend the mind

That we are putting back together pieces of a person that has been either broken, injured or catastrophically diagnosed to build them back better than they were before.

We’re healing, we’re healing people with neurology in mind, with psychological, cognitive aspects in mind. Um, sometimes it takes puzzle pieces to put it together and sometimes it takes a stitch metaphorically, of course. But, yeah, we’re healing people, we’re healing their minds.

It may be a different life than had gone before, but still one that has meaning and one that we can help shape in a positive way along with their families so that they can move forward in their lives.

Where do you see Nexus in the next 30 years?

In the next 30 years. I see Nexus as expanding.

I think it’ll be exciting, um, to see how Nexus continues to expand.

I see Nexus Health Systems nationwide.

I see us having probably two facilities in every state.

I would want them in every single state in the U.S.

In every state of the Union. I can see that.

I would like to see Nexus Health systems expand and grow all across America and to be a household name.

I see Nexus in the next 30 years thriving. Thriving. I see us thriving based on Dr. Cassidy and Erin’s hard work and their legacies. Thriving. We’re gonna thrive.

That is incumbent upon all of you who are coming up through the ranks to help make Nexus a national force in providing the kind of healthcare for individuals who have behavioral health and medical needs that intersect one another, that have for too long been ignored.

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