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Nexus has provided post-acute acquired brain injury care for more than three decades. Here, we share insights from the field, tips for caregivers and patients, and news related to acquired brain injury from the Nexus network.

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Man holding head in his hands

Post-COVID neurological symptoms in patients »

Months after recovering from the acute symptoms of COVID-19, many patients are struggling with long-term effects on the brain: difficulty concentrating, memory problems, or mental fatigue. Known as post-COVID neurological symptoms or “brain fog,” these lasting effects can impact even…

Speech therapy after a stroke

The impacts of speech therapy for stroke patients experiencing neurological changes »

Following a stroke, some individuals may require physical, occupational, or speech therapy to help them overcome lingering neurological impacts.

Doctor examining medications

The psychopharmacology of brain injuries »

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) present a plethora of health issues that psychopharmacology can be very successful in treating and managing.

Person in residential rehabilitation painting

Traumatic brain injuries and the loss of self »

Our personalities are intrinsically tied to our brains – that is, until a brain injury occurs and disrupts the sense of self that is so unique to every person and defines who we are.

Resident practicing building cognitive skills with a game

Cognitive therapy helps individuals gain confidence completing activities of daily living »

Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs as they’re commonly referred to, are grouped into lower level and higher level tasks or actions that bring purpose and meaning to a person’s life. ADLs in your life could be getting ready for…

Patient working on a puzzle

Healthcare insurance: Medicare vs. Managed Medicare vs. Secondary Policies »

Healthcare insurance seems complicated and may overwhelm patients and families, especially when they need help for a medically complex child. Here’s what you need to know about Medicare and Managed Medicare, as well as secondary policies.

Person being evaluated for brain injury severity

Is a concussion considered a mild traumatic brain injury »

When most people think brain injury, they don’t often think of concussions. Yet, the reality is, concussions are a form of mild traumatic brain injury or TBI. In fact, mild TBIs are the most prevalent type of brain injury and…

Brain injury patient emerging from coma

Patients emerge from persistent comas and vegetative states in Nexus Health Systems Program »

Nationally-renowned neuropsychiatrist develops Emerging Consciousness Program. Nexus Health Systems announces the launch of their Emerging Consciousness Program – also known as The Phoenix Project – for individuals with a disorder of consciousness post-brain injury. Since the program formed in early…

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