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Nexus Champions smiling to show progress made

Nexus Children’s Hospital Champions – Complex pediatric diagnoses: Where are they now?

Every patient has a different story, and an important part of his or her journey is the time spent at Nexus Children’s Hospital. While each child is special and shows courage and willpower, we’re following up with three Nexus Champions to see how they’re doing after discharge. Read on for an update on Juan, Kale, and Jordana — plus read their stories!

Juan Larajuan 3
Pediatric Brain Injury Program

Almost one year ago, Juan Lara was discharged home. He suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of being shot in the neck and needed post-acute medical care and therapy to help him continue to recover.

“Nexus has been a big part of my recovery,” explained Juan. “I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’ve always said they’re miracle workers and my therapists are my angels. Not only did they help me out physically, but they helped me with what I needed mentally, too.”

Juan shared it was tough transitioning home after being in the hospital for so long, but after a couple days he felt more comfortable. He said, “My mom and everyone was excited to have me home again. And I knew I was still going back to the hospital for therapy each week.”

Juan continues physical, occupational, and speech therapy multiple times a week at Nexus Children’s Hospital. “The therapy is 100% helping me. I am able to do more stuff easier and I don’t struggle with certain things anymore.”

After discharge, Juan worked with his school and AP teachers over the summer to be ready to start 10th grade that following fall. “Everyone welcomed me back, and I do still enjoy school.”

When asked about what his goals are now, Juan explained, “Right now, I’m focusing on smaller goals I can accomplish, like getting my Driver’s License. It just feels good to be back in my normal life.”

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7678858522003770518Kale Rush
Changes Health & Wellness Program

Kale’s mother Danika Joseph says he is “doing just great!”

Diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and autism, Kale needed support to lose weight and get into a routine that helped his food-seeking behaviors.

“The program at Nexus Children’s Hospital helped us get a better schedule in place that we can also follow at home,” said Danika. “Kale adjusted to it better than I expected. He was doing well at the hospital, but I thought it would be a hard to maintain at home and it really hasn’t been.”

Following the exact schedule set at the hospital, Kale never has to wonder when a meal is, helping him focus on things like playing and working on learning numbers and the alphabet. He also goes on walks or stays active in the house to help stay on track.

“He hasn’t gained an extreme amount since we’ve maintained the diet plan. He is still down almost 50 pounds from the weight he was at when he first admitted at the hospital,” explained Danika. “Kale is still as happy as can be. He’s always been a happy boy.”

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4230602994450980240Jordana Hubble
Pediatric Brain Injury Program

Jordana’s recovery journey has taken her across the U.S. After being hit by a driver as she was crossing the street in front of the school bus, Jordana spent time in a local Montana hospital before transferring to Nexus Children’s Hospital in Houston.

After spending eight months at Nexus, Jordana was discharged home. Her mother Vo Hubble said, “The therapists and doctors knew when to let go of the reigns. They knew it was time for Jordana to go home — and we’re continuing to see progress big time!”

When she first arrived at Nexus, Jordana was immobile, but at discharged she was walking with assistance and after about a week at home, she was walking on her own. “She’s doing so much better with her coordination and her hand control,” said Vo. “She’s also still eating and drinking everything with little challenge. She is continuing outpatient therapy, but also being with her brother and sister are helping push her further.”

Jordana is also talking again after working very hard in speech therapy.

“Our next goal for Jordana is gearing up for school this fall,” said Vo. “She is so ready to be back in school with the other kids. This is all possible because of everything they did at Nexus. That hospital and those people are the only reason we are here today.”

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