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Nexus Children’s Hospital – Dallas Announces Grand Opening

Nexus Health Systems, a network of inpatient specialty care hospitals and residential campuses, announced today the grand opening of its Dallas location. The new hospital will care for infants, children, adolescents and young adults with debilitating injuries and conditions, such as brain or spinal cord injury, neurodevelopmental delays and autism, as well as other complex diagnoses.

The team of professionals Nexus put together, combined with its state-of-the-art environment, unique programs, and holistic service offerings, sets the hospital up to fulfill each patient’s goals, hospital CEO Bill Elsesser said.

“Our interdisciplinary team of physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, pediatricians, rehabilitation therapists, speech-language pathologists, respiratory therapists, psychiatrist, mental health therapists and counselors, dieticians, nursing staff and administration has designed and prepared this hospital to be the best place for a child to come to who needs a bridge between hospital and home,” Elsesser explained.

As a true partner to the already impressive Dallas healthcare scene, the Nexus Children’s Hospital model is a necessary newcomer. The post-acute specialty environment admits patients after local acute hospitals and psychiatric facilities have made initial, important strides. Nexus furthers that progress and sets patients and caregivers up for continued success at home, reducing the need for extended or recurring hospitalizations.

 Nexus Children’s Hospital – Dallas has 60 private inpatient rooms in addition to a variety of amenities across 80,000+ square feet. Multiple high-tech rehabilitation and therapy gyms, indoor and outdoor play and activity areas for structured playtime with a purpose, and a calming sensory room for children with severe neurodevelopmental disorders are a few feature areas. The mindful design supports Nexus’ mission of returning patients to lives of productivity and meaning.

The goal was to create a cheerful environment that was more home-like than hospital, and which wouldn’t be scary for patients, Corporate Director of Pediatric Services Linda Fischer said.

“We designed the hospital to be welcoming, fun, safe and specialized to meet the needs of what our patients needed most at any given time,” she explained.

Nexus Children’s Hospital is a leader in specialized care for children with complex needs. For nearly 25 years, the hospital has developed programs to meet the current needs of pediatric patients across the country. The four programs that will be offered include:

Whether a child is rehabilitating from a traumatic injury or is challenged by a chronic diagnosis or rare condition, they may require long-term rehabilitative care and ongoing medical services. Children with a lengthy hospitalization or history of hospitalization can benefit from a stable, home-like specialty hospital to continue making meaningful progress. Offering a haven in a time of need, Nexus’ Harbor Program provides a safe, comfortable place to weather new challenges. Patients and their families are in good hands as the multidisciplinary team navigates them through the ups and downs of recovery.

Children in the New Directions Program need just that — a new path forward; a new option to help navigate challenging behaviors, significant medical requirements, physical impairments, and intricate communication needs. After having exhausted all other services available, families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, are looking for a program to help improve their child’s life and well-being. Through structured curriculum in safe surrounding, New Directions offers an integrated approach to learning — one where the child gains a multitude of skills and confidence.

After a brain injury or spinal cord injury, children often require a broad range of services as their level of responsiveness and medical conditions evolve. The RISE Program emphasizes standards of care developed to help patients across all phases of injury, from Disorders of Consciousness to Post-Traumatic Amnesia/Delirium through rehabilitation and home. Medical care, therapies, and neuropsychological/psychological services all in one place for effective and efficient care. Treatment is not prescriptive, rather the individualized plans are creative and motivating, and ultimately, more effective at helping children rise to their maximum potential.

With the goal being to continue implementing vital programs, Nexus Children’s Hospital is dedicated to creating lasting outcomes for patients so they can return to home, school and community environments successfully and confidently.

Nexus Children’s Hospital truly is the best option for post-acute care in Dallas, Director of Business Development Tanisha Herrod added.

“We are making champions here,” she said.

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