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Nexus Health Systems’ complimentary and comprehensive complex patient case review

Have a Difficult Case?

Whether you have an unusual or complicated case, Nexus Health Systems is here to assist with complex patient case review. As is any healthcare professionals’ goal, Nexus strives to help you achieve positive outcomes no matter the challenges a patient may face. For these complicated cases, Nexus Health Systems’ Director of Complex Care Ann De la Rosa is on call to help review your patient’s case file and identify appropriate next steps.

Ann has been a practicing nurse for 28 years, treating patients in hospital settings and working with case managers, doctors, and other hospital personnel to meet patients’ needs. She became a Certified Rehabilitation Nurse in 2011 and has extensive experience with cases involving injured workers at all stages of the recovery process.

After reviewing the case and medical records, Ann will reach out to you within approximately 48 hours to schedule a beside evaluation to meet the patient and family and discuss their needs and expectations. She will also provide an assessment and give feedback specific to your patient. At Nexus Health Systems, we pride ourselves on understanding all levels of care and a variety of clinical and community resources.

We also understand that there is a chance that Nexus Health Systems and the services we provide are not the best fit for your patient or loved one. In that case, Ann will recommend other relevant facilities and services suited to your case. Our goal is to work with you to find the best care for your patient. However, if Nexus is a good fit, Ann will provide information about our facilities including the following.

Nexus Health Systems’ unique neurocontinuum enables patients to progress to environments that allow improved levels of independence. Continuity of physicians across our health system also benefits our patients. At all Nexus facilities, your patient will receive individualized treatment from specialized physicians and staff – which is how we’re able to reach outcomes with challenging and complex cases.

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At Nexus Specialty Hosptial a multi-disciplinary team treats patients who still require specific, critical care after release from an acute hospital or ICU. Neurologists, psychiatrists, physiatrists, and psychologists collaborate to develop treatment specific to your patient’s unique physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Once we’ve established medical and behavioral stability, we begin rehabilitation and transition your patient into the Nexus Neurorecovery Center.

If your patient or loved one is stable and requires targeted post-acute rehabilitation and therapy, our Nexus Neurorecovery Center may provide the environment and attention your patient needs to recover. Our physician-led teams will observe your patient to identify specific needs and develop a treatment plan. If necessary, a multi-disciplinary team will perform a neuropsychological evaluation to identify damaged regions of the brain and address consequent deficits. Vocational rehabilitation services will enable your loved one to develop necessary skills to re-enter the workforce.

Nexus Health Systems can also help with your challenging pediatric cases. At Nexus Children’s Hospital, our team works with patients from infancy to age 21 with a wide range of medical diagnoses, including but not limited to acute and traumatic brain injuries. We treat both medical and behavioral problems, transitioning patients who might have struggled in traditional rehabilitation facilities from hospital to home.

Director of Complex Care Ann De la Rosa, RN, BSN, CRRN looks forward to assisting you on current or future cases. Save her contact information for any complex or difficult cases for which you need assistance.

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