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Nexus Neurorecovery Center – San Antonio Announces Grand Opening

Nexus Health Systems, a network of inpatient specialty care hospitals and residential campuses, announced today the grand opening of its San Antonio location. The new center will care for adolescents with brain or spinal cord injury, as well as those with co-occurring behavioral, mental and physical health needs.

Outside of Dallas and Houston, San Antonio is the next largest healthcare hub in the state; however, there is a void that Nexus is proud to help fill with the programs and services offered, hospital CEO Justin Sanderson said.

“Not only is Nexus expanding our services and programs into an area where they’re in high demand, but we’re developing programs to help individuals who have been turned away from everywhere else they’ve tried to seek care,” Sanderson explained. “We’re offering a place for adolescents to find healing and security, where a true multidisciplinary team is onsite to address their medical and behavioral conditions that brought them to us. That’s what sets us apart. With this new location, we’re saying, ‘Come here. Nexus wants to help you.’”

Adolescents with complex medical, behavioral and mental health needs often need more time in an inpatient setting to make meaningful and lasting progress, which is where Nexus Neurorecovery Center comes in, director of rehabilitation Lyndsey Resnik, OTR, CBIS, LSVT explained.

“An interim between hospitalization and home didn’t exist in San Antonio — or many places across the country, in fact. A bridge between the two is of critical importance to help individuals continue progressing through therapeutic services and adequately prepare families and residents to allow for an ease of transition home,” said Resnik.

The multidisciplinary team at Nexus Neurorecovery Center – San Antonio looks forward to partnering with the medical community in San Antonio and surrounding areas, helping with challenging cases and those who have lacked placement.

Nexus Neurorecovery Center – San Antonio has 25 private and semi-private inpatient rooms in addition to a variety of amenities across the two-floor facility. Two transitional suites were designed for families and caregivers to learn and practice skills so they can confidently care for their loved one at home. Additionally, the secured behavioral unit has anti-barricade doors and complete anti-ligature suites.

The 22,278-square-foot inpatient facility also features two rehabilitation gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and a space for music therapy. Multiple living room style lounges on campus are ideal for activities and movie nights.

Many of the individuals the programs will serve are significantly behind or are individuals who never finished school or may have no work experience. Various areas of the campus were specifically designed to empower residents to care for themselves and build skills that could be added to a resume. An expansive rehabilitation kitchen and cantina were designed for residents to have hands-on experience with foodservice work, including math skills, social skills, bookkeeping, food preparation, and other vocational skill development. A horticultural area outside also supports vocational skill development. The design supports Nexus’ mission of returning patients to lives of productivity and meaning.

As a leader in specialized care for adolescents with complex needs, Nexus Neurorecovery Center unites psychiatry, internal medicine, and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians in one setting. The facility will offer traditional physical, occupational, and speech therapies along with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems therapy/family psychoeducation, and interpersonal psychotherapy. The cross-discipline schedule of services is developed on an individual basis and residents fall within one of two programs:

The adolescents Nexus serves need direction — they may be lost in the system or need support to overcome medical and behavioral health challenges. The True North Residential Program provides the services and positive environment to lift up these adolescents. “True North”, a climbing and hiking term, is used to guide people on expeditions. Just like that, Nexus’ program gives kids a true north — a point to strive toward. Starting at “base camp”, Nexus helps adolescents in their care reach their goals, or their summit. This program will also be offered at Nexus Neurorecovery Center – Conroe.

After a brain injury or spinal cord injury, individuals often require a broad range of services as their level of responsiveness and medical conditions evolve. The RISE Program emphasizes standards of care developed to help patients across all phases of injury recovery. Treatment is not prescriptive, rather the individualized plans are creative and motivating, and ultimately, more effective at helping individuals rise to their maximum potential.

Nexus Health Systems strives to meet the community’s and country’s needs with every new program developed and facility opened — Nexus Neurorecovery Center – San Antonio is no different.

The facility was designed to create lasting outcomes for residents so they can return to home, school and community environments successfully and confidently, explained Director of Behavioral Health, Christa Brantley, LPC.

“We are creating a place where young people want to come to put the work in and heal themselves,” she said.

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