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Nexus Cares 2020 — supporting our healthcare employees

Nexus Cares for our employees — watch the inaugural year recap

Hi Nexans, from now until the end of the year, we want do something each week to show our healthcare employees

we care and I am so excited to launch this initiative. We can do this nexus one week at a time. I hope you guys get a moment at some point this week where you truly recognize how big of an impact you’re making in someone’s life. Know that each of you are making a huge difference and I truly appreciate you.

We are giving away $20,000 in either student loan forgiveness, money, or scholarship funds for future classes. I want to thank each of you for supporting our patients and residents each day and we hope that this week you will feel like you are getting a little bit of that support back.

A thank you from Joel Talley

Hey Nexans, this week nine of Nexus Care, and I know you’re used to seeing Erin do the videos, but I thought I’d take a chance to come on here and say thank you for all that you’re doing. I know I’ve seen you guys at the facilities wearing your shirts and hopefully not wearing your socks since you received ’em. So, thank you guys for all that you do.

This week we are finally giving out the much-anticipated Nexus Cares face masks. So now you can rock your Nexus pride while keeping those around you safe.

Thank you from the support staff at the corporate office

The support staff up here at the corporate office wanted to personally thank each and every one of you from the CBO team. Thank you!

From the CBO team, thank you!

Thank you from the CBO team.

We really love everything you do. Thank you!

Nexus Cares announced a very special gift for healthcare employees

This week we have something special for you as well. Everyone will see on their paycheck that their medical deduction is being waived, so that means an extra 60 to $850 in your spending pocket for the holidays.

We couldn’t have gotten through 2020 without our amazing employees

Just know that we’re thinking about you guys, and we really are so appreciative of all the work that you’re, you’re putting in. I hope you’re feeling the love and I certainly wanted to express how grateful we are for all of your hard work and dedication through this difficult time.

I really want you to know how much I’ve appreciated all of your hard work and the tremendous you’ve shown for caring because human beings get through things we always have through crisis after crisis cuz of our ability to be resilient and care for one another.

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