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Pediatric brain injury rehabilitation with Nexus Health Systems

Nexus Children’s Hospital Pediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program: Helping children and adolescents RISE

What really makes Nexus stand apart is that we have a lot of experience with severe brain injury, and we see at minimum 60 severe brain injury cases per year. When we take patients with severe brain injuries, families are going through a lot of emotions, which is normal, but over time, as they generally see progress in their children, they feel better, and there’s parent training that happens.

Pediatric brain injury program helping patients — and their families

It’s an extremely rewarding experience for the parents to truly get a better understanding of where their child is cognitively and what they’re capable of doing, and where they need to really be assisting their child in order to meet their maximum functional potential. The pediatric brain injury program is helpful at addressing a child’s full needs, from physical to behavioral to social.

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