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What to look for in a brain injury rehabilitation and recovery program

Individuals who have experienced traumatic or acquired brain trauma require specialized brain injury rehabilitation and treatment in order to meet their personal recovery goals. Families may not know where to begin when evaluating rehabilitation and treatment programs, and they may not know what treatment options are available. At Nexus Health Systems, we have pioneered patient-focused programs that provide comprehensive and seamless care for every stage of the recovery journey.


Adult Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment
The journey toward independence begins with the right care setting and a personalized care plan that factors in the individual’s full health history and goals for recovery. No two patients are alike, and their neurological care plan should be tailored to their needs. When evaluating rehabilitation and treatment programs, find out about the treatment team and their methodologies. Tour the facility and find out if it has the clinical and support staff to meet the needs of the individual being treated throughout their recovery journey. Will the team be available for the duration of treatment?

The Nexus Health Systems’ continuum of neurological care has been nationally recognized for its unique approach to healing. Patients at Nexus facilities function at the highest possible level, and our outcomes are consistently positive, because our interdisciplinary teams are committed to each individual’s recovery and success. We build custom treatment plans that help patients and residents recover from a wide variety of neurological conditions, including injuries and illnesses and long-COVID recovery needs for medically fragile individuals. Flexible entry from any post-acute setting means our team is able to assist people at any point of their recovery journey, and we stay the course until recovery goals are met. From intensive care settings to transitional rehab programs and outpatient treatment, individuals receive a comprehensive continuum of care.

Pediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment
Children and adolescents with traumatic or acquired brain injury, including injury to the central nervous system (CNS), require a combination of neurobehavioral and neurorehabilitation services. In addition to the individual physical, cognitive, and emotional needs that are also faced by adults, children have the added complexity of treating disrupted executive function that occurs while the brain is still developing. One size does not fit all when it comes to pediatric brain injury and recovery, and a treatment program should address the whole child, including their emotional wellbeing, long-term needs planning and support and education for the family.

The Nexus Children’s Hospital pediatric brain injury neurocontinuum guides children through the many stages of CNS and brain injury recovery and treatment. Our interdisciplinary team brings together the expertise of specially trained psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists who work together in a supportive, family-centered and home-like environment focused solely on helping patients and residents achieve their recovery goals. Children and adolescents receive individualized care plans that help them transition from post-acute clinical care back to home and school life, while learning skills that lead them toward a productive and meaningful future.

Finding the right brain injury recovery program can be challenging, but our team is committed to helping individuals and their families navigate the journey. To learn more about our neurocontinuum of care, give us a call. Find out how Nexus Health Systems is mending minds.

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