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Wheelchair swing set at Nexus Children's Hospital - Houston

You First Foundation supports Nexus Children’s Hospital with $83k donation of wheelchair swing, sensory room furnishings and rehabilitation equipment

Having already donated $63.6k in previous years, You First Foundation recently presented Nexus Children’s Hospital with its latest donation of $19.4k at the ribbon cutting for a new wheelchair playground swing. To date, the foundation has donated over $83k dollars to Nexus Children’s Hospital in the form of the new wheelchair swing, sensory room and activities room furnishings and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

David Bleazard, President and CEO of First Service Credit Union and Chairman of You First Foundation, explained the charity was created to support and improve the lives of those who have been impacted by traumatic medical events, including brain injury. One of the ways they do this is by aiding neurointensive care and neurorecovery centers that help children who have no other place to go.

“You First Foundation is honored to be able to continue to support the Nexus Children’s Hospital and the positive work that they do,” said Bleazard. “The foundation is thrilled to present a check to Nexus for the new wheelchair swing and rehabilitation equipment, which help promote safety and functionality for staff and patients. We look forward to supporting Nexus Health Systems’ future endeavors in providing indispensable care to children that cannot be found anywhere else.”

Nexus Health Systems’ Founder and CEO and Nexus Children’s Hospital Medical Director, Dr. John W. Cassidy, acknowledged the significance of the donations at a recent ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We are often our patients’ last hope, so we work diligently to restore their health and productivity,” said Dr. Cassidy. “We’re so thankful to Mr. Bleazard and You First Foundation for the support they’ve provided over the years in the form of these wonderful donations. The spectacular sensory room and special rehabilitation equipment, and now, one of the most sophisticated swings for patients in wheelchairs all help our patients in immense ways.”

After the official ribbon cutting ceremony, wheelchair bound patients lined up to try out the new swing. Their delight and excitement could be seen and heard throughout the playground area, confirming just how important this gift was.

Mary Harbeson, CEO of Nexus Children’s Hospital, said, “Seeing the delight in our patients’ faces caused me to instantly understand that this gift of a wheelchair swing will provide pure joy in our patients’ daily lives for years to come. It will not only be a source of much happiness on a sometimes challenging journey, but it will help our team better serve our patients and realize our mission.”

The therapy team also showcased the new Barton Chair and Transfer System and adult Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair — both crucial to effective physical and occupational recovery.

“The new chair system will help us move heavier patients safely, decreasing the chance of injury for patients and staff,” explained Dorothy Johnson, Physical Therapist. “Also, the adult tilt wheelchair is a necessary addition to our available equipment since we treat patients up to age 21. Taller teenagers and older patients may need adult-sized equipment to have a more successful therapy experience.”

Serving children with a variety of diagnoses, from brain injury to behavior dysregulation, Nexus Children’s Hospital can now provide more diverse therapeutic activities tailored to patients’ specific needs and preferences because of the foundation’s donation.

As the morning’s ceremony concluded, Dr. Cassidy reiterated how important You First Foundation’s donations are, sharing that each gift helps them meet the vision of the hospital: to help all patients, regardless of diagnosis.

“Mr. Bleazard and You First Foundation have been so loving to us at Nexus,” said Dr. Cassidy. “Their donation means we can continue to treat patients and set them up for the best possible lives after they leave us.”

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