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A compassionate, therapeutic environment in sync with autistic kids and children severe intellectual disabilities

Evidence-based program helping children make strides so they can live a meaningful life. Children in the New Directions program need just that — a new path forward; a new option to help navigate challenging behaviors, significant medical requirements, physical impairments, and intricate communication needs. After having exhausted all other services available, families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, are looking for a program to help improve their child’s life and wellbeing. Through structured curriculum in a safe surrounding, New Directions offers an integrated approach to learning — one where the child gains a multitude of skills and confidence.

Nexus Children’s Hospital’s New Directions Program meets these children’s special needs and helps them work toward reintegrating into home life and school environment. Collaborating with therapies, including music, art, and animal therapy, the program works closely with all disciplines within the hospital for holistic treatment. Creating the right environment to decrease behavioral dysregulation while teaching social and behavioral skills helps the kids in our care flourish in their communities — because we’re mending minds.

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A personalized approach to neurodevelopmental pediatrics

Children and adolescents with severe intellectual disabilities and autism have very limited resources available to truly help and make a lasting difference on their wellbeing. Hospitals will often discharge these patients quickly because of difficult and complex behaviors — which is why Nexus is different. We embrace those we care for because we can make an impact. The New Directions programming and schedule, combined with in-depth virtual and in-person family training help set families up for success.

Whether the concern be around challenging behaviors, aggression, sleep dysregulation — or many others — we recognize that no two children are alike. That’s why our approach to working with patients with intellectual disabilities is tailored to meet their unique diagnosis. In addition to social and behavioral skills, we also work on: communication, fine motor skills, language arts and math skills, name recognition, and strength and dexterity to help complete activities of daily living. Children and adolescents thrive in our structured program that can be continued at home.

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Building a Bridge from Hospital to Home

“The goal of our program is to be a bridge between hospital and community for these children.” — Dr. John W. Cassidy, Nexus founder and CEO

Pediatric Neurodevelopmental program services

  • Neurobehavioral rehabilitation
  • Neuropsychological evaluations
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychiatry & behavioral management
  • Recreational therapy
  • Speech therapy

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