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Always focused on helping even those outside of the Nexus network of care — read on for healthcare insights

Read the latest hot healthcare topics and what Nexus experts have to say

Healthcare insights are always changing, which is why Nexus stays up-to-date on the latest news and innovations. Nexus experts are covering everything from changes in healthcare to integrated health services, to new rehabilitative techniques and medical research — you name it and there are all kinds of thoughts to share.

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Kids in a group counseling session

The importance of behavioral health treatment in neurorehabilitation »

When an individual experiences a traumatic brain injury, or an event that impacts their neurological function, frequently the symptoms aren’t just physical. When it comes to injuries to the brain, behavioral challenges can manifest as well. The focus at Nexus…

Nexus Health Systems doctor, Dr. Parrilla

Nexus Health Systems hires rehabilitation medicine physician to build on comprehensive rehabilitation services »

Nexus Health Systems welcomes Zoraya Parrilla, MD to the team as a rehabilitation medicine physician. Dr. Parrilla will serve as the medical director of Nexus Specialty Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) as well as an attending physical medicine and rehabilitation…

Child in hospital bed sleeping

A holistic approach to inpatient pediatric physical and mental health treatment »

Holistic healthcare — an approach to medicine that focuses on overall physical and mental wellbeing — is slowly becoming an accepted industry standard.

Patient walking up steps

Treating bladder and bowel disruption after brain injury and spinal cord injury »

Urinary and bowel control issues occur when there is a disruption in information communicated between the brain and the areas of the body that control bladder and bowel function.

Speech therapy after a stroke

The impacts of speech therapy for stroke patients experiencing neurological changes »

Following a stroke, some individuals may require physical, occupational, or speech therapy to help them overcome lingering neurological impacts.

Children with childhood obesity practicing healthy eating skills

Good relationship with food: the purpose, goals, and outcomes of communal meals in pediatric rehabilitation »

For the patients at Nexus Children’s Hospital, communal mealtime is an important part of the day.

Doctor examining medications

The psychopharmacology of brain injuries »

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) present a plethora of health issues that psychopharmacology can be very successful in treating and managing.

Person in residential rehabilitation painting

Traumatic brain injuries and the loss of self »

Our personalities are intrinsically tied to our brains – that is, until a brain injury occurs and disrupts the sense of self that is so unique to every person and defines who we are.

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