Nexus Health Systems Rebrands to Highlight Legacy of Mending Minds

HOUSTON — September 7, 2017 — Erin Cassidy, president of Nexus Health Systems, announced that the company has rebranded and launched a new marketing campaign as of September 1. The announcement was made to all hospital leadership in late August and shared with staff leading up the public launch that happened took place this past weekend.

Nexus’ new campaign – “Mending Minds” – marked the culmination of an entire rebranding effort as the company celebrates 25 years of returning patients to lives of productivity and meaning.

Founded in 1992, Nexus Health Systems fills a void in the treatment of patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries and other neurological and neurobehavioral challenges. Interested in increasing awareness of their unique pediatric and adult health care environments and comprehensive rehabilitation programs, Nexus is excited about the reveal of their new brand.

“Our entire health system is looking forward to continuing our legacy through our new brand,” explained Cassidy. “The seamless integration our new identity, revitalized website, and union of all our facilities under one, consistent logo, will drive home our message that redefines the standards of a comprehensive rehabilitative care.”

The unveiling of Nexus’ new logos and website also took place over the weekend. To help patients, families, and healthcare providers navigate their health system, Nexus renamed the HealthBridge Children’s Hospital to Nexus Children’s Hospital, and also renamed Touchstone – their 26-acre residential rehabilitation center – to Nexus Neurorecovery Center.

Nexus Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John W. Cassidy, is thrilled to see this latest development of Nexus Health Systems.

“As we celebrate this milestone and launch our new campaign, I think about all of the patients we have served over the past 25 years,” said Dr. Cassidy. “I also can’t help but think about the future patients we will be able to work with because our new brand will help distinguish us in the marketplace.”

Although Nexus’ look and feeling is changing, Dr. Cassidy affirms that the health system will continue to operate on the value that all patients, regardless of challenges and needs, always come first – the vision the company has fostered since the beginning.

“While we have made external changes,” explained Dr. Cassidy. “…patients, families, and fellow healthcare professionals can continue to rely on Nexus for individualized care that restores our patients’ quality of life after serious brain injury, illness, or accident.”

About Nexus Health Systems
As a national leader in physician-driven clinical neuroscience, Nexus Health Systems is reshaping the standards of neurorehabilitation. Their continuum of care includes a Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas and Orange, California, a Specialty Hospital in Shenandoah, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas, and a Neurorecovery Center in Conroe, Texas. The company is represented by skilled medical staff who have made it their career to provide treatment and rehabilitation that extend beyond common therapies, to patients who may not have found success through traditional programs. For more information, go to