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Paving the way for recovery with comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations

Thorough neuropsychological testing helps create personalized treatment

It can be clearer to see and treat physical deficits; but when it comes to cognitive deficits, it can be more challenging to address and work towards healing deficits. Neuropsychological testing can provide a better picture of what is happening in regard to intelligence, attention, memory, language, mood, and personality — to list a few areas.

Nexus utilizes these assessments to assess how the brain functions and identify strengths and areas of dysfunction. The findings can help us make accurate diagnoses, establish competency or diminished capacity, and inform treatment modalities and medication usage, since mending minds is what we do best.

Children also benefit from neuropsychological evaluations

Assessments are a valuable tool for children and adolescents, regardless of the reason they’ve arrived at Nexus Children’s Hospital.

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Neuropsychological evaluations help residents make meaningful progress
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