Nexus Health Systems Announces Sale of HealthBridge Children’s Hospital to HealthBridge Specialty Care

The sale of HealthBridge Children’s Hospital, a Nexus Health Systems facility, to HealthBridge Specialty Care was finalized today.  

The sale closes a chapter begun by Nexus Health Systems at the Orange, California facility more than 20 years ago. The Nexus leadership team is proud to pass the torch to HealthBridge Specialty Care, a privately owned organization with decades of experience in post-acute pediatric rehabilitation.

“The new ownership company is dedicated to building on HealthBridge Children’s Hospital’s reputation as a leader in pediatric care while maintaining continuity of care under the HealthBridge name,” noted Dr. John Cassidy, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Medical Officer of Nexus Health Systems. “I’m honored that they’ll be carrying on our legacy of advanced pediatric care in a family-focused setting.”

HealthBridge Children’s Hospital has become a leader in pediatric medical services and rehabilitation and has served the Orange community and beyond with safe, nurturing pediatric environments. Its staff provides individualized care for children with complex medical issues following an acquired or traumatic brain injury, acute illness, or chronic disease.

Erin Cassidy, Nexus Health Systems’ President explained that while the decision was difficult, HealthBridge Specialty Care will take the hospital to even greater heights.

“HealthBridge Children’s Hospital is very well known in the community, and with the new, local corporate support, I know only wonderful things are in store for the hospital,” explained Cassidy. She went on to say, “The sale is the best way to honor the hospital and what our employees have helped build over the last 20 years. This opportunity also allows our health system to refocus on and reinvest in our Texas facilities, Nexus Children’s Hospital, Nexus Specialty Hospital, and Nexus Neurorecovery Center.”

“Specialty Pediatric Care will be a core post-acute service line in our portfolio.  I’m very excited about the future and the continued success of HealthBridge Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital and the key role it will play in the larger HealthBridge enterprise,” said Sherri Medina, Chief Executive Officer of HealthBridge Specialty Care.

With facilities in both California and Illinois, HealthBridge Specialty Care offers advanced and specialized rehabilitation services for medically complex injuries. The organization will assume operations at HealthBridge Children’s Hospital as they take ownership of the facility, and continue to provide the acute care, post-acute rehabilitation, and home transition support that Nexus is known for.

About Nexus Health Systems

As a national leader in physician-driven clinical neuroscience, Nexus Health Systems is reshaping the standards of neurorehabilitation. Their continuum of care includes Nexus Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, Nexus Specialty Hospital with campuses in Shenandoah, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas, and Nexus Neurorecovery Center in Conroe, Texas. The company is represented by skilled medical staff who have made it their career to provide treatment and rehabilitation that extend beyond common therapies to patients who may not have found success through traditional programs. 

 About HealthBridge Specialty Care

HealthBridge Specialty Care offers advanced, specialized rehabilitation with one-on-one physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy performed in a non-institutional setting. With facilities in California and Illinois, their mission is to strike a much-needed balance between high-quality and trustworthy care and the most positive patient outcomes possible. Their well-trained professionals, state-of-the-art clinical treatments, and therapeutic tools provide an essential bridge to greater independence for their patients.