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Healthcare is always changing, which is why Nexus stays up-to-date on trends and innovations. Here, we share news from the Nexus network, tips for caregivers and patients, and updates from the fields of medicine, mental health, and behavioral health.

medically complex child with caregiver

Self-care tips for caregivers of medically complex children »

Have you heard the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” It essentially means that to effectively take care of others, you have to take care of yourself. But caregivers of children with complex medical conditions (CMC) or children…

How excessive screen time affects mental health

The connection between excessive screen time and mental health issues »

Many parents and guardians have asked at one point or another, “How do I get my teen off their phone?” The same goes for any technology addiction, from playing video games to watching videos on tablets to interacting on social…

Family standing together at a hospital

Motivated by family: Connie Gardner’s return to what matters most after acquired brain injury »

Just ten days after giving birth to her first child, Silas, by c-section, Connie Gardner began to experience a tremendous headache. Just moments after handing Silas over to her husband, Matt, Connie abruptly became unresponsive.  Connie had suffered an acquired…

Brain injury survivor smiling years after discharge

A brain injury patient story: Olivia Guindon is paying it forward »

In 2016 Olivia Guindon was admitted to Nexus Children’s Hospital with a massive brain injury following a serious motor vehicle accident. She was a fighter and had overcome immense physical challenges including surgery and a 21-day coma. Olivia participated in…

Nexus Champions smiling to show progress made

Nexus Children’s Hospital Champions – Complex pediatric diagnoses: Where are they now? »

Every patient has a different story, and an important part of his or her journey is the time spent at Nexus Children’s Hospital. While each child is special and shows courage and willpower, we’re following up with three Nexus Champions…

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