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Healthcare insights are always changing, which is why Nexus stays up-to-date on the latest news and innovations. Nexus experts are covering everything from changes in healthcare to integrated health services, to new rehabilitative techniques and medical research — you name it and there are all kinds of thoughts to share.

Brain injury patient rehabilitating in occupational therapy

Neuropsychological testing supports best practices in patient care »

Neuropsychological testing focuses on intelligence, attention, memory, language, mood, and personality — to list a few areas. Through these assessments, neuropsychologists assess how the brain functions and identifies strengths and areas of dysfunction. The findings can help make accurate diagnoses,…

Patient working in cognitive therapy

Interdisciplinary approach to patient care »

A recent white paper, To Solve Complex WC Claims, this New Model Takes an Interdisciplinary, Proactive Approach to Care, explains “treatment is often siloed into discrete products, resulting in disjointed, misaligned care…”. The author, One Call, a leading provider of…

Complex patient laying in bed on ventilator

Nexus Health Systems’ complimentary and comprehensive complex patient case review »

Have a Difficult Case? Whether you have an unusual or complicated case, Nexus Health Systems is here to assist with complex patient case review. As is any healthcare professionals’ goal, Nexus strives to help you achieve positive outcomes no matter…

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