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At Nexus, we guide patients through rehabilitation using a number of techniques, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Here, we share insights from the field, tips for caregivers and patients, and news from the Nexus network.

Patient in a hospital bed in a transitional care unit

What is a transitional care unit? »

Most people are familiar with the ER or ICU, but have you ever wondered where patients can go once they’re stable? One of the most important stages of hospital recovery occurs in the transitional care unit — also known as…

young girl in a hospital bed with a teddy bear

3 respiratory care tips for caregivers   »

It’s easy to take respiratory wellness for granted. Breathing is, after all, controlled by the autonomic nervous system, meaning it requires no thought or effort. When a life-altering injury or serious illness affects a loved one’s ability to breathe, however,…

How cognitive therapy supports brain injury rehabilitation

How cognitive therapy supports brain injury rehabilitation »

Catastrophic neurological injuries leave a lasting impact on the body and mind. After sustaining a brain or spinal cord injury, some patients have trouble balancing, moving their limbs, speaking, seeing, and hearing. In addition to physical impairments, cognitive deficits in…

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