Nexus Health Systems launches neurospecialty inpatient rehabilitation unit

Nexus Health Systems officially opened their new 16-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit (IRU) at Nexus Specialty Hospital during a virtual grand opening at the end of January. You can take a virtual tour here. Fully equipped to care for higher acuity, neuro-specialty patients, the IRU is the ideal setting for individuals who are slower to recover and would benefit from daily rehabilitation.

“The focus of our IRU is improving neurofunction,” explained IRU Medical Director Dr. Zoraya Parrilla. “Our therapy team works with patients daily to help them grow stronger and become more independent. With the unit situated within Nexus Specialty Hospital, patients also benefit from onsite medical specialists and higher levels of care to manage any continuing medical complications.”

Individuals can admit to the IRU two ways: from another facility or as an inpatient at Nexus Specialty Hospital, once medically stabilized and ready for rehabilitation. In fact, 97% of IRU patients transfer from another unit within the hospital. This continuation of care was strategically developed and is the newest phase within the Nexus Neurocontinuum.

As the only complete neurocontinuum in the country, Nexus Health Systems provides individuals with a patient-focused, tiered approach to care. Offering a variety of services and settings, from a neurologic ICU environment to community-based rehabilitation, the Nexus Neurocontinuum helps individuals function at the highest possible level.

“We utilize our care environments as a tool to advance patient outcomes,” explained Dr. John Cassidy, Founder, CEO and CMO of Nexus Health Systems. “Our Nexus Neurocontinuum spans multiple facilities and programs so our patients can receive care in environments that meet their current needs, challenge them to continue progressing and support the greatest level of independence.”

As the latest phase, the IRU adds another layer of care for individuals who seek to successfully return home or residential rehabilitation, possibly at Nexus Neurorecovery Center. Those recovering from a brain injury or neurologic disorder benefit from daily physical, occupational and speech therapy, as the focus shifts from medical stability to improving neurofunction and becoming stronger.

“Our neuro-trained and experienced therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of our specific patient population,” explained Trianna Warkentin, Board-Certified Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy. “That is crucial to helping patients function at the highest level and improve their overall quality of life physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Patients in the IRU with deficits and causes for abnormal movements due to a disease or injury of the nervous system have different needs than other patients. Multiple body systems are affected which impacts vision and perception, senses, motor skills and cognition. Every patient presents differently, which is why Nexus believes in individualized treatment plans tailored to the person’s specific and unique needs and goals. These therapy plans challenge and actively engage patients to cause permanent improvement in their systems.

“We’re a very experienced team at Nexus Specialty Hospital,” explained Warkentin. “We have over 160 years of combined experience between the therapists and rehabilitation technicians. Because this patient population is slow to recover, their progress is not always easily perceptible. It takes a lot of experience to identify change so we can continue challenging our patients.”

Nexus Health Systems President Erin Cassidy shared her enthusiasm for the new inpatient rehabilitation unit.

“The Nexus Neurocontinuum we started in 1992 is one step closer to being complete with the advent of our IRU,” said Cassidy. “Through all our services, programs and facilities, we strive to return our patients and residents to lives of productivity and meaning, and the IRU will help us create reach that mission.”

Learn more by checking out the program page here.