Nexus Specialty Hospital Expands Therapy Area, Enhances Patient Care

Patients benefit from evidence-based therapies, new equipment and additional space

The therapy area at Nexus Specialty Hospital has tripled in size and will advance the hospital’s ability to use evidence-based therapies to help patients reach their treatment goals.

“Many of our patients come to us in a coma or persistent vegetative state. What we want to do, and what families are hopeful we can do, is have our patients move forward to a state where they are increasingly conscious and able to interact with the world,” says Dr. Cassidy, Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Nexus Health Systems. “Now, with novel technologies, novel medications, and novel rehabilitation strategies, we’ve been able to make that progress.”

Doctors, therapists and staff at Nexus Specialty Hospital have eagerly awaited the expansion of the therapy area — this will allow more patients to be treated more effectively and offers space to do what most rehabilitation gyms cannot.

“Our patients have so many tubes and wires and drains that they are living with. Now we have the space to bring them into an area to work on therapeutic processes,” noted Pollyanna Dolfi, Assistant Administrator.

Included in the renovation are new pieces of equipment that are crucial to helping patients regain strength and mobility in order to return to life outside the hospital walls. A true-to-life kitchen and neuro classroom have also been installed. The kitchen area allows patients to experience therapy in a familiar setting to ensure a seamless transition home while the neuro classroom provides a quiet space without distractions for patients requiring therapy in environments that lack stimuli.

Trianna Warkentin, Director of Rehabilitation, is grateful for the expanded therapy area saying, “Once patients begin to improve, now we have a great place to go. Research shows you get better doing things you enjoy in an environment you’re used to. We are thankful for a real-life space for our patients to work and get better.”

Equipment will benefit brain-injured patients, ventilated patients, critical care patients and more.

Warkentin explains, “We are looking forward to the LiteGait. You can take it to the bedside to help get patients out of bed and walking sooner. We can harness our patients, lift them up and get them walking right then and there. It will unweight our patients and make it easier for them to get better and get home.”

She adds, “Ventilator patients will also be able to utilize this equipment. Getting these patients upright helps them ventilate and clear their lungs to get them off the ventilator sooner.”

Nexus dedicates the new and improved therapy area to their patients, patients’ family members and neurorehabilitation therapists.

Cassidy notes, “I am so excited about how our program has evolved and this is one more step in making Nexus Specialty Hospital the center of excellence we all want it to be.”